Ice Creamery & Animal Farm

Enjoy 32 flavours of gelato in a beautiful rural setting amongst farm animals just 7 minutes outside of Margaret River. Let the kids play while you relax!


What makes us special?

Scoops Farm has a lawned area, beautiful shaded trees, a kids playground, a fairy garden and farm animals for you to hang out with. Just $4 per person entry fee

Using natural and fresh quality ingredients sourced from top Italian regions and the pristine South West, Mai Tardi Gelato will let your taste buds explode. 

Come and visit us now, we are open every day from 10 to 5pm (starting on January 19th)

our animals

We love our animals and are determined to feed them with nutritious food and take good care of them. Still undecided how to offer conscious feedings we will sporadically let you join in to our feedings and see how to do it right soon. We are just at the start.

The poultry

We love our chickens and are excited that we hatched our first chicks. We now also have free roaming guinea fowls that are hilarious to watch.

The Cows & Goats

Our cows and goats have started to eat out of our hands and we will offer for you to feed them soon.

The Guinea Pigs

Tiny and super cute - everyone's darlings. To keep them safe and sound they are only allowed to be watched and fed through a fence. Sooo adorable though!

more impressions

Who is behind all this?

Duncan and Stella Rees, parents of three boys, have dreamt of running an ice creamery out in the bushland of Margaret River for a while. We have a passion for good ice cream and we love to see people happy. To create a place where children and adults can have a great time is all we ever wanted. We hope you can feel the love we have put into this. 

the creators